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I started my hobby in films when I was young around 13 yrs old I was looking through a Johnson smith catalog (which sells gag gifts, and still sells today check out link below) and saw 8mm movies offered not knowing which was which (super 8, regular 8) I ordered up Frankenstein in super 8 silent, then ordered up a small plastic hand crank 8mm projector, the projector came with 2 small 25' movies (which I still have today), the projector is long gone and only handled 50' films "The Little Rascals" in "Wind Storm" and Popeye in "Skeleton Schooner" they are pretty ragged with allot of splices as I experimented with different methods of splicing using super glue it really works well, then for my 14th birthday my dad got me an Argus Dual 8 model 849 it showed both formats 8mm and super 8, and finally was able to watch my Frankenstein film.
I then went the our local library and found out they had some films for check out, what a selection, kept ordering films when it was affordable from Johnson Smith Co. silent films were around $7.95 not sure of the price for sound films, all I bought was the 200' versions, they also had the 50' versions, but the 200' versions were called complete versions.
Years later after getting married and moving everything came with and sat idle until I discovered Ebay had 8mm films for sale then I went to town buying films left and right, then I made a smart decision and bought a Bell & Howell super 8 sound projector and started replacing most of my silents that I had bought from Johnson Smith Co. a costly move but always wanted sound films, since then I have started collecting 16mm films also, and have gone through a variety of projectors trying to find the best and now my collection is complete for super 8 sound I have a Bell & Howell, and 2 Elmo ST1200HD's and in 8mm which I do not have many films except home movies is a  again in mint condition and finally 2 Eiki SSL-0 16mm, it is fun searching Ebay for film titles there is a lot of titles out there if you are lucky you can find some interesting titles in super 8 sound, there are more titles in 16mm.

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